Carefully selected ingredients and a wide variety of recipes:
enjoy our high-class cuisine from Yeosu‘s local specialties to all kinds of fusion dishes.
Enjoy countless different dishes in one place.

The Waven

The Waven

‘Waven’, named with the waves of Yeosu in mind, is the hotel‘s signature buffet restaurant where you can enjoy the rich and unique taste of the dishes cooked by elite chefs.

Reservation and Inquiriestel .+82-61-690-8000

  • Location


  • Working Hours

    Breakfast 06:30 to 09:30

  • Price

    Regular price - Adult: 27,000 won / Child 20,000 won

    Guests - Adults: 24,000 won / Children 18,000 won

  • Information

    - Discount: 10% for guests and UTOP Hotel premium members, 20% for VIP members of UTOP Hotel, 30% for VVIP members UTOP Hotel

    - Operating hours may change depending on circumstances.

    - Please wear a mask for the health and safety of other users, and please understand that if you do not wear a mask, you may be restricted from entering the restaurant.

    - Please sign in by QR code or writing down your information when entering.

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