Article 1. Application of the Terms

  1. 1. Accommodation contracts and related contracts entered into by our hotel shall be governed by the provisions of the present Terms and shall be governed by statutes or customs in respect of matters not specified in the present Terms.
  2. 2. The hotel shall comply with this regulation regarding credit card bookings, but the details shall be in accordance with the Terms of use concluded between the credit card company and the hotel franchise.
  3. 3. The Hotel may comply with the Special Agreement without departing from the spirit of the Terms, laws, or customs, and without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 2. Refusal of Accommodation

The hotel may refuse accommodation if:

  1. 1. The accommodation request does not comply with the present contract
  2. 2. There are not enough rooms due to full occupancy
  3. 3. A guest wishing to stay is considered to be at risk of acting in violation of the law, public order or morals of the accommodation.
  4. 4. The guest who wants to stay is clearly infected with an infectious disease.
  5. 5. Unnecessary compensation is requested for the stay
  6. 6. The guest has pets, dangerous drugs, explosives or weapons
  7. 7. Accommodation cannot be provided due to natural disasters, malfunctioning facilities or other unfavorable reasons.
  8. 8. Accommodation cannot be provided for legal reasons.

Article 3 Statement of Name

  1. 1. Name, gender, nationality and occupation of the guest
  2. 2. Other matters deemed necessary by the hotel

Article 4. Accommodation registration procedure

Guests are required to register the following items at the hotel's front desk on the day of their stay.

  1. 1. Matters of Article 3 (1)
  2. 2. For foreigners, passport number, visa type, and date of arrival in Korea
  3. 3. Date of birth for Koreans
  4. 4. Departure Date
  5. 5. Other information deemed necessary by the hotel

Article 5. Check-in Time / Check-out Time

The time for the guest to arrive at the hotel and complete the check-in procedure (called 'check-in time') is after 3:00 p.m. and the time before 11:00 a.m. when the room is vacated (called 'check-out time') is for departure after the stay.
Fees will be added by the hotel to the following list if the check-out time has been exceeded by the hotel in violation of the provisions of the previous paragraph.

  1. 1. Until 6 pm: 50% of the room rate per day
  2. 2. After 6 pm: 1 full day‘s room rate

Article 6. Payment and Reservation Deposit

  1. 1. The payment of the fee shall be made at the front desk of the hotel at the time of the guest‘s departure or at the request of the hotel using a traveler's check, coupon or credit card recognized by the hotel in Korea.
  2. 2. If customers have started using the room, they will be charged even if they did not physically stay there.
  3. 3. All room rates except suites are based on the number of beds in the room and additional charges may apply if the number of guests exceeds it.
  4. 4. Accommodation charges can be requested from the day the guest arrives and begins using the room, in which case 20% of the accommodation fee will be paid as a deposit.
  5. 5. A reservation is guaranteed only after the payment has been received.
  6. 6. In the event of a reservation or cancellation by credit card, the person making the reservation shall be notified.

Article 7. Refusal of Reservation

  1. 1. Except as otherwise provided, the hotel may refuse accommodation if the following conditions apply:
    1. 1) In cases falling under Article 2, Paragraphs 3 through 7
    2. 2) The details requested in Article 3 have not been specified
    3. 3) The reservation deposit has been requested according to Article 4, Paragraph 1, but has not been paid before the deadline provided
  2. 2. According to provisions in Paragraphs 1) and 2) of the above article, the hotel is required to refund any reservation deposits that have been paid if the reservation/accommodation is canceled.

Article 8. Refund and Cancellation Policy

Hotel guests are required to register the following details at the reception desk of the hotel on the first day of their sojourn.

  1. 1. If the customer is not identified or the reservation is canceled on the date of the stay, a one-night fee will be charged for the guaranteed reservation.
  2. 2. Cancellation regulation: Cancellation is free up to 6 days before the first date of stay; 50% of the deposit is charged for cancellation 3 to 5 days before the stay; 70% for cancellation 1 to 2 days before; and 100% for cancellation on the same day
  3. 3. Customers canceling their stay on the first day thereof will be charged 100% of the price of 1 night.

Article 9. Responsibilities during the stay

  1. 1. Hotel guests are required to follow the rules of behavior established by the hotel during their stay.

Article 10. Refusal to extend the stay

The following are the cases in which the hotel may refuse the guest‘s stay, even if it has already begun.

Article 11. Responsibilities during the stay

  1. 1. The guests are considered responsible for their actions during the time of their stay, starting from the moment that they register at the front desk and are shown their room. This responsibility ends as soon as the guests leave the premises.
  2. 2. The hotel does not bear responsibility for problems caused by the actions of its guests that are in violation of the rules of use officially provided inside the hotel.
  3. 3. If the hotel fails to provide the guest the room that has been reserved and confirmed, the guest will be offered another accommodation of similar or better quality with 1 day of stay prepaid.

Article 12. Receiving and returning the key card to the room

  1. 1. When registering, the guest receives the key card at the front desk. The key is returned to the front desk during check out.
  2. 2. If the guests lose the key card during the stay, they are required to report it to the front desk immediately.
  3. 3. If the guests check out of the hotel and forget to return the key card, they are required to send the key back to the hotel by mail or any other accessible means.