Infinity Pool

Ocean Infinity Pool and auxiliary facilities

Infinity Pool

Ocean Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool is a hot water pool where you can relax after a tiring day and enjoy the everlasting blue waters of Yeosu and the romance of the night sea filled with starlight.

Reservation and Inquiriestel .+82-61-690-8024

  • How to Use


    Closed due to pool cleaning on the second Tuesday of every month

  • Working Hours

    Weekends (Mon - Sun)

    Part.1 - 15 : 00 ~ 19 : 30,   Part.2 - 20 : 00 ~ 22 : 00

  • Rules of use

    - Swimsuits and rash guards only. People wearing plain clothes are not allowed to enter or to idle around. Swimming caps are recommended.

    - Large tubes, swimming equipment and accessories (swimming fins and snorkels), toys (water guns) exceeding 1M are prohibited.

    - Outside food, smoking, firecrackers and oil are prohibited.

    - Aqua socks and shoes are prohibited to maintain hygiene

    - The Infinity Pool can be closed without notice in order to prevent accidents in case of strong winds, typhoons, rain or sudden changes in weather conditions.

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