Infinity Pool

Ocean Infinity Pool and auxiliary facilities

Infinity Pool

Ocean Infinity Pool

Enjoy the endless blueness of Yeosu sea and the romance of the night sea under starlight at the Ocean Infinity Pool.

Reservations and enquiriestel.061-690-8024 (Calls available after 15:00)

  • Information

    3rd floor

    (* For safety reasons, it may be closed without prior notice depending on weather conditions and internal conditions)

  • Hours

    Period of operation for the autumn/winter/spring (October 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021)
    Adult Hours 대상 For Price Free Drink (1 cup provided)
    1st Session 09:00~
    All ages Adult KRW 15,000 You can choose one from house wine,
    soft drink, or coffee.
    (36 months old to elementary school students)
    KRW 10,000
    Infant Free admission after wearing waterproof diapers
    2nd Session 20:00~
    (adult only)
    Adult KRW 20,000 Bottomless wine provided
    KRW 30,000

    - Customers who want to re-enter the pool after the first session can re-enter during the second session for an additional KRW 5,000.
    (However, free drinks are only offered once.)
    - Access to the swimming pool may be difficult due to hotel conditions and bad weather.

    - Rental items (first-come, first-served)
    Towels provided according to the number of people (KRW 2,000 for an additional towel)
    Life jacket, sunbed, air injector

    Regular inspection on the second Tuesday of every month.
    ※ Regular inspection dates may vary depending on hotel conditions or weather conditions.

  • Regulations for Use

    - Access and viewing are restricted when wearing plain clothes other than swimsuits or rash guards; swimming caps are recommended.

    - Do not use tubes and water sports equipment larger than 1 m, swimming gear (flippers, snorkel), or toys (water guns).

    - Do not bring in food from outside, smoke, or use firecrackers or oil.

    - For hygiene reasons, do not wear aqua socks or aqua shoes.

    - In order to prevent safety accidents, in the event of strong winds, typhoons, rain, or sudden weather changes, operation of the infinity pool shall be suspended without prior notice.

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